We turn ideas into products

Draco Systems, turn your ideas into real projects to sell in a real market.

It goes from ideas to product with the minimum Time To Market so that it arrives on time and ensures the long life of it.

Latest technology in component positioning

Discover the unmatched power of Siplace, the pinnacle of automatic component placement technology. With exceptional capabilities and cutting-edge features, Siplaces stands out and offers unmatched benefits.

Latest generation X-ray

We make sure that what we do, we do it right! We look at everything under the microscope. Even what is not voice !!!

We ensure the processes.

We leave nothing to chance, we weld selectively.

Nothing escapes

We look at it in every way, 2D, 3D, X-ray ….

All well kept

Total traceability (industry 4.0) and also with humidity control of all components.

High level PCB Hardware Design.

Use of the latest tools in design and traceability to guarantee the design and its life.

Hardware design of high-level schematics.

Use of the latest tools in design and traceability to guarantee the design and its life.

Edge AI

We use the latest technologies and AI is not an acceptance. We have been designing products with Edge AI for over 5 years.

Design Firmware as a guide

Use of methodologies and the most optimal language for each project ensuring that the Firmware follows the specifications to the letter without spending unnecessary Hardware resources guaranteeing the life cycle of the product throughout its time.


We follow the regulations as if they were our own.
Does your product need another one?

DRACO SYSTEMS SL is an electronic engineering services company with extensive experience in the sector, collaborating with more than 80 national and international clients from start-ups to large companies.

Draco Systems is his technological partner that will meet your needs in the development of a product, thanks to the experience and previous successes will help you and manage to reduce the time-to-market and limit the costs of the final product. Making it have a long life in the market thanks to the control of the life time of the electronic components.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience developing projects and can provide you with turnkey solutions for any product that involves electronics.

About us

DRACO SYSTEMS SL was founded at the beginning of January 2004 as a result of the enthusiasm and vision of the future of a group of engineers with extensive technical and scientific experience in the development of hardware and software projects.

We understand the individuality of each business, with its different opportunities and challenges. Our focus is on gaining a deep understanding of your specific needs, goals and obstacles. Leveraging meticulous research, data analysis, and deep industry insights, we craft customized strategies that precisely align with your business goals.
The best hardware, software and production team, to achieve the best product.


Jordi Posas


Co-founder and software manager. Before that, he worked as a freelancer for other engineering companies. Winner of the first prize of “JOCS” with the GIMPUMM project in 2000.

Meritxell Gimeno


Co-founder and manager of DRACO. He previously completed his Ph.D. in satellite image processing, as well as freelance work for other engineering companies.

John Puig


Co-founder and hardware manager. He previously worked in other engineering companies. Prize for the best junior engineer at European level in 2000. Awarded by the Catalan Association of Telecommunications Engineers. Prize for the best end-of-career thesis from the Official School of Telecommunications Engineers in Madrid.


At Draco Systems SL , our responsibility towards innovation and quality is not just a commitment; it is the core of our identity. Since our inception, founded by three engineers passionate about technology, we have been at the forefront of technological advancement, ensuring that each product not only meets expectations, but exceeds them, positioning our customers at the head of the field. technological We offer comprehensive electronic engineering solutions, from conceptualization to mass production, always ensuring products of exceptional high quality and durability.

Our quality policy is focused on a continuous improvement approach, not only of our products and services, but also of our quality management system, complying with ISO 9001 standards and applicable legislation. This policy rests on the pillar of our valuable human capital, providing an environment that fosters motivation, competition and pride in a job well done. Draco Systems management leads by example, investing in necessary resources and promoting an environment that fosters personal and professional growth, innovation and operational excellence.

The values ​​we promote at Draco are passion for technology, unsurpassed quality and trust, are reflected in every project we deliver and in every interaction with our customers. Committed to sustainable development and well-being community , we actively support social entrepreneurship initiatives, contributing to a better world. In maintaining open and effective communication, we ensure that we understand and fully satisfy the needs of our customers, we always keep oriented towards the quality of the results. At Draco Systems, we are more than just an electronics engineering company; we are a trusted partner committed to excellence and constant innovation, dedicated to transforming our customers’ technological dreams into successful realities.

Quality policy


DRACO SYSTEMS SL It was born from the union of three engineer friends passionate about technological innovation, who from the very beginning committed themselves to leading the development of cutting-edge electronic products, ensuring their customers a prominent position both in the technological field and in quality of product developments and productions. Our mission is to provide comprehensive electronic engineering solutions from conceptualization to mass production, ensuring high-quality, durable and best-in-class performance products. The future of DRACO will be assured through the commitment to quality in the services we provide, the focus on customer service and the involvement of all of us who are part of the team.


At DRACO , quality is not just a milestone, but the basis of our business strategy.

We commit to:

  • We ensure the satisfaction of our customers by meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations, offering products and services that stand out for their innovation, reliability and scalability. As well as its commitment to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the products.
  • Maintain a continuous improvement approach in all our processes, products and services, encouraging innovation and operational efficiency. Establishing specific, measurable and achievable quality objectives in all areas of our operation, reviewing them periodically to ensure their relevance and effectiveness.
  • Develop, implement and continuously improve our Quality Management System, complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and applicable legislation.
  • The fundamental basis of DRACO ‘s strength resides in the human capital that makes it up, for whom we will at all times provide a work environment that facilitates their motivation, their competence and their pride in the contribution to the work done .
  • Management is committed to leading by example, providing the necessary resources and creating an environment that promotes growth, innovation and excellence.


  • Passion for technology. Our nature is to innovate to create a better world than we find it. Professionalism: We strive to maintain a high level of technical competence and professionalism in all our activities, ensuring excellence in the delivery of each project.
  • QUALITY Quality is the pillar of our value proposition, we seek not only to meet but to exceed the quality expectations of our customers in all our products and services.
  • TRUST Team work. Each position is important and impacts the overall work of the team. We act with integrity and open our operations to our customers’ review, reinforcing trust and security in our solutions.
  • Contribute to the creation of a work environment that promotes teamwork, innovation and excellence, understanding that each member plays a crucial role in the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our customers.
  • assets Contribute actively to the improvement of our processes and systems, identifying opportunities for improvement and participating in the implementation of effective solutions.
  • Training and Continuous Development. Commit to continuous learning and development to stay at the forefront of technology and the
    quality management practices.
  • Dreamers We want to make a better world. Proud of our work. Responsible Committed Always moving forward. Act with the utmost responsibility and professionalism, ensuring quality and excellence in every phase of our work. Foster an environment that values ​​continuous improvement as an ongoing process, ensuring that our practices and processes constantly evolve to achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • We seek happiness. Happy people in a happy company.
    Customer oriented (customer first). Quality in results. We value and foster a close and transparent relationship with our clients, ensuring open and effective communication to fully understand and satisfy their needs.
  • Support for Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives: We are committed to supporting new initiatives that promote social entrepreneurship, contributing to sustainable development and community well-being.
  • We undertake to review this policy and our quality objectives periodically, ensuring its continued adequacy and effectiveness to lead the way in innovation and excellence in electronic engineering .